IoT startup IFTTT takes in $30M to get your apps talking to each other

29 August 2014
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Andreesen Horowitz and Norwest Venture Partners just handed over $30 million to a new Internet of Things startup that wants to connect all your online social interactions.

IFTTT (If This Then That) has a new approach to connecting all of your devices and apps. Rather than allowing you to manage all your home stuff through one main app, like Wink, IFTTT wants to manage interactions between your social apps.

Through IFTTT, a single action, like a post on Instagram, can set off a corresponding action automatically. Connecting to all your many apps, IFTTT will let you create circumstances or “recipes” for automated interactions. Conditional statements make connections between actions and apps. For example, “if” I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, “then” send me a text message. Or “if” I post a picture on Instagram, “then” send that photo to my Dropbox.

So far, the company has amassed 125 apps it works with, including Twitter, Craigslist, Reddit, and Square. Personal recipes search for new trigger data every 15 minutes, with some refreshing more often.

It’s easy to see how this platform could extend to the home goods arena, with recipes that let you lock your front door via text.

This new round of funding will help the company do some hiring in business development and the design department, according to the New York Times.